The Sabzevar Applied Science Education Center was established thanks to the efforts of the late Dr. Mirza Mohammad Alavi Moghaddam, the late Dr. Ahmad Karabi, Dr. Seyed Javad Hosseini, Dr. Ali Asghar Alavi, Dr. Mahyar Alavi Moghaddam, and Dr. Ali Asghar Mohammadi. They received the license in 2008 and started accepting students from 2009. Dr. Ali Asghar Mohammadi has been overseeing the center as the head of the founding board since its inception. Currently, Dr. Arash Mohammadi is the acting director.

It is worth mentioning that this educational center currently has over 100 staff members and collaborates with more than 12 instructors, educating about 600 students in associate degree programs (Physical Education, Law, Accounting, Clothing Design, Preschool Education, Architecture, and Office Management) and bachelor’s degree programs (Physical Education, Accounting, Office Management, Business Management, and Architecture).

This center is proud to have over 10,000 graduates over the years, many of whom are employed in various governmental and private organizations. It has also achieved numerous honors in cultural, sports, and research fields at county, provincial, and national levels.