Appreciation and thanksgiving ceremony for teachers on the occasion of teacher’s celebration week

🌹❤️ Appreciation and thanksgiving ceremony for professors on the occasion of the week of honoring the position of teacher and professor, as well as honoring Haj Mr. Sharifan, the former vice president of Sabzevar Applied Science Center…❤️🌹  


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Applied Science University No. 2 of Sabzevar, has been established with the efforts of a group of scientific professors and intellectuals of this city to serve the elevation of the scientific level of the society. This university is a subset of the comprehensive Applied Science University and is actively engaged in a lively and energetic environment by employing experienced professors from Sabzevar. Prospective students for study at the associate and bachelor levels can register and start their academic courses in various fields according to the academic calendar. First and foremost, we request that you familiarize yourselves with the educational regulations of the institution, and if you have any questions, please contact our colleagues. The university staff are always ready to answer any inquiries from you, esteemed students. Hosting you, the young seekers of knowledge and progress, is our asset and honor.

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The educational calendar of the second half of the academic year 1403-1402 has been published!

Frequently Asked Questions

In what case can a student make an emergency withdrawal?

If the university agrees, a week before the start of the end-of-semester exams, the student can simply remove one theoretical course within the time frame set by the university.

In what case does the student become conditional?

If the student’s average grades in each academic semester is less than 12, the student is considered conditional in that semester and can choose up to 14 courses in the next semester.

  • If a student is placed on probation in two consecutive or alternating academic semesters, he will be banned from continuing his education.

How can a student take an academic leave?

A student can use academic leave for a maximum of 1 half year in any of the non-continuous associate and expert courses.

The period of academic leave is considered as one of the maximum allowed period of study of a student in each course.

Under what conditions can a student withdraw from studies?

Failure to register a student in each academic semester is considered a withdrawal from education.

Failure to choose a unit in each semester by the student is considered as withdrawal from education, and if the student is not followed up and the assignment of the student’s educational status is not determined in that academic semester, it is applied as withdrawal from education at the end of the same academic semester.

What is the maximum allowed period of study?

The maximum allowed period of education in associate and undergraduate courses is 5.2 years, including half a year of permission from the provincial council.

Is it possible to study at the same time?

The simultaneous study of associate and bachelor degree students
(continuous and non-continuous) is prohibited in all universities
(government and non-government) and all academic courses.

Which students can be introduced to the professor?

If a student has a maximum of two theoretical courses (up to a maximum of 4 credits) in the last semester of the academic year for graduation, with the approval of the center’s council and in compliance with the credit limit of that semester, he can take the exam outside of the dates of the exams announced in the educational calendar. take that course as an introduction to the professor in that semester or summer period.

If a student has already taken a theoretical-practical course, but did not get a passing grade, but has passed the practical course of the above course, he can take the theoretical part of that course as an introduction to the professor, following paragraph 16. The decision of the Central Council regarding the implementation of this clause is mandatory.

It is not possible to get an introduction to the professor of a theoretical-practical course who already has a justified or unexcused absence, medical exclusion, emergency exclusion, or the order of the disciplinary council (score 0.25).